Junior Golf

The JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAM at Tualatin Country Club has a long history of quality golfer education by a professional staff that prides itself on providing each child with a fun, safe, and educational environment. The Junior Golf program is open to the children and grandchildren of club members.

The Junior Golf season begins around the middle of June, after school is out for the summer, and runs through the middle of August. The Junior Golf season begins with a Kickoff Social on the Driving Range with a cookout for the entire family, and ends with our final Monday hosting the Junior Golf Championship, where the champions of each division, and all the juniors, are honored.

All of our golf professional staff is directly involved in the success of our Junior Golf program. Throughout the season, our program includes time on the Driving Range, Putting Greens, Chipping Areas, and of course, the golf course. Junior golfers are assigned to groups based on their age and ability. Highlights of the Junior Golf Program include: Club Rules, USGA Rules, basic golf etiquette, and overall golf fundamentals.

The Professional staff at TCC utilizes adults and successful junior role models to assist the juniors throughout the program. Parents and Grandparents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer their time and participate in our Junior Golf program. “Walkers” are needed as they follow the groups around the course, helping when needed and encouraging all the way.

Please contact any of the Golf Professionals in the Pro Shop for additional details on this year’s Junior Golf Program.




A “WALKER” is someone who supervises a group of Juniors during the course of play. Parents and Grandparents are asked to walk with a group at least three times during the program. Of course if you are unable to walk for medical reasons, there are other ways in which you can help during the Junior Golf Program.

Your responsibilities as a Walker include: Ensure the safety of the junior golfers, help the juniors keep their score, advise players on rules & etiquette, keep the proper pace of play, set a good example, encourage and motivate. Basic knowledge of rules and etiquette is required along with PATIENCE.

Safety guidelines for Walkers: Do not allow players to swing too close to each other, maintain a safe distance with the group ahead, warn against ricochet situations, be aware if a ball may hit a tree or other object, always hit in sequence (the player furthest from the hole must go first), do not walk ahead, and shout “FORE” if the ball is traveling towards another golfer.

Note: Any member that would like to donate their time or any golf equipment to our Junior Golf program, please see Sean Fredrickson.